• CTC –

    Title: Construction Tech
    Company: Coalfields Telephone
    Department: Construction
    Summary:    Perform tasks involving physical labor at telecommunications construction projects and sites. May operate hand and power tools of all types: air hammers, small mechanical hoists, surveying and measuring equipment, and a variety of other equipment and instruments. May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect poles, clean up rubble and debris, and remove waste materials. May assist other telecommunication workers to install or maintain cable or wire.  Operate a bucket if necessary.
    • Test repaired, newly installed, or updated equipment to ensure that it functions properly and conforms to specifications, using test equipment and observation.
    • Inspect equipment on a regular basis in order to ensure proper functioning.
    • Communicate with bases, using telephones or two-way radios to receive instructions or technical advice, or to report to report equipment status.
    • Collaborate with other workers in order to locate and correct malfunctions.
    • Climb poles and ladders, use truck-mounted booms in order to install, maintain, or inspect equipment.
    • Run wires between components and to outside cable systems, connecting them to wires from telephone poles or underground cable accesses.
    • Measure distances from landmarks to identify exact installation sites for equipment.
    • Clean and prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards.
    • Read and interpret plans, instructions, and specifications to determine work activities.
    • Control traffic passing near, in, and around work  zones.
    • Signal equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement, and adjustment of machinery, equipment, and materials.
    • Dig ditches or trenches, backfill excavations, and compact and level earth to grade specifications, using picks, shovels, and rakes.
    • Measure, mark, and record openings and distances to  lay out areas where construction work will be performed.
    • Load, unload, and identify building materials, machinery, and tools, and distribute them to the appropriate locations, according to project plans and specifications.
    • Erect and disassemble large poles and other temporary structures.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • On call emergency outages
    Requirements:   Clear MVR
    Hours: M-F 8:00-4:30
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