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Shop Now with Gearheart Communications for ALL Your Electronic Needs: Gearheart Communications has a fully-functional Retail Center that is located right next to the Gearheart Communications Building at Harold, Kentucky. We offer everything that you may need for your Home and/or Office. We have Wireless Routers, Telephones, USB Flash Drives, Harddrives, Android Tablets and much more. Our Goal for the Gearheart Payment and Retail Center was to make it more convenient for our new subscribers to get the items that they need without having to go to Walmart or K-Mart…We are NOW your ONE STOP SHOP! Plus, we have a ONLINE RETAIL STORE that you can go to too get all the products that you want…delivered right to your door. GEARHEART COMMUNICATIONS, WE CARE ABOUT YOU!

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    Are you looking get the late Electronic items on the marketing. Now you can shop right from home with Gearheart New Online Retail Store. We have everything from flash drives, hard drives, surge protectors, wireless routers, android tablets and much more! Check us out!